Kom til live musik i Nyhavn på Hyttefadet

Since the 18th century, Nyhavn has been a gathering place for many of Copenhagen's musicians who have brought life and joy with familiar and known melodies. Hyttefadet provides a cheerful atmosphere and good music that everyone can sing along and dance to. 
Kom til live musik i Nyhavn hos Hyttefadet, fredage og lørdage fra 22.30 til 01.30, holder vi traditionen ved lige.


Fredag d. 5. juli: Kjærs Danseorkester
Lørdag d. 6. juli: René
Fredag d. 12. juli: CJ Danseorkester
Lørdag d. 13. juli: CJ
Fredag d. 19. juli: CJ
Lørdag d. 20. juli: René
Fredag d. 26. juli: Klitte & Wikke
Lørdag d. 27. juli: René


Fredag d. 2. august: René
Lørdag d 3. august: Klitte & Wikke 
Fredag d. 9. august: Kjærs Danseorkester 
Lørdag d. 10. august: Stig Michael 
Fredag d. 16. august: CJ
Lørdag d. 17. august: CJ
Fredag d. 23. august: René
Lørdag d. 24. august: CJ
Fredag d.30 august: CJ
Lørdag d.31 august: Klitte & Wikke 


Kommer snarest

Mød Hyttefadets live musikere

Stig Michael

Musician and author Stig Michael has spent most of his life in the musik industry and therefore has a lot of experience as an entertainer. Stig Michael never fails to deliver a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere for his crowd.
Stig Micheal has for many years been performing at some of the biggest festivals and stages both in and out of Denmark.
For the last 30 years Stig has had a special relationship to Nyhavn, performing in several bars with great success.
Stig Micheal is mostly recognized as a solo act when performing at Hyttefadet, but also performs in groups or as a band with top danish artists.
His music repertoire spans from Folk/Rock music, all the way to both Danish and English pop and rock songs from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Kim Larsen, Thomas Helmig, Prince, and Ronan Keating.
Stig Micheal released a CD in 2000 titled "True To You" with his own original music. This can be found on Spotify, YouTube etc.
Look forward to experiencing Stig Micheal as he without a doubt will deliver a night to remember, with sing along classics and a great atmosphere!


Clive John is an experienced professional guitarist/singer, songwriter, and entertainer from Wales with Irish grandparents. In his younger years, he was a soloist and lead vocalist/guitarist in duos and bands that performed at various English and Irish pubs, clubs, hotels, military bases, and holiday camps in London and the southern part of England from the 80s to the early 90s.
Furthermore, he studied at London Guitar Institute while trying to secure record deals and studio time.
As he arrived to Denmark, Clive quickly secured a full time gig at Victoria Pub in Copenhagen where he performed for many years.
Alongside this he also toured with bands in Denmark, Sweden and Norway performing at several different bars, hotels, restaurants, festivals, in studios and on TV.
Clive John has a large repertoire of music, spanning from classic singalong songs from the 50s all the way to modern day classics. For Clive, it is always important to keep his guests entertained and match the atmosphere in the room, with his lively person and charisma!

Kjærs Danseorkester

Kjærs Danseorkester is a band that is fitting for any occasion. They perform hits spanning from the 60s to modern day classics. Their music repertoire contains about 400 songs and they always present guest with lists of songs, in which they can choose from. 


Klitte & Wikke

Janus Klitte and Søren Wikke are together known as the duo "Klitte & Wikke". The two have known each other since middle school and have been performing together since 2011. They are known for their charisma, great harmonies and their clear enjoyment in performing together as a duo. 
"Performing at Hyttefadet is a great part of our musical identity, this is a place where we can truly get lost in the music. We always make sure to arrive early in order to feel the atmosphere of the crowd and talk with the staff."
A night at Hyttefadet with Klitte & Wikke alongside with the amazing staff will never disappoint.


Som kandidatuddannet klassisk guitarist fra Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium, har René de sidste 15 år været live musiker i alt fra klassiske symfoniorkestre (bla. DR’s Radiosymfoniorkester, Malmø Symfoniorkester og Det Kgl. Kapel) til jobs som guitarist/el-guitarist ved musicals, og underholdning til firmafester, bryllupper, fødselsdage etc. – siden 2013 har han været en fast del af musikerteamet på Hyttefadet.
René also gives guitar lessons and acts as a songwriter for several Danish pop artists such as Anna David, Kasper Nyemann and the young BEJULES.

"No nights are the same when performing at Hyttefadet. The guests are a huge part of dictating how the night evolves. I am always prepared to create the perfect atmosphere for the guests by performing well-known classics and singalong songs."